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 Post subject: Fun In Titsville
PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 12:01 pm 
I Like To Talk Dirty
I Like To Talk Dirty
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This story is fictional wishful thinking. My wife and I were involved in "The Lifestyle" for five years and I had the pleasure of sharing her with over 20 different guys. Unfortunately when she turned 70, she lost a lot of her confidence and out threesome fun came to a sudden, abrupt end. The setting is real, we're regular visitors to Playalinda nudist beach, the lead up is true, the guy couldn't take his eyes my wife but the rest is all a figment of my imagination. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to add your own stories to the post.

My wife and I were on holiday in Titusville, Florida and we decided to spend the whole day on Playalinda nudist beach in the Space Coast National Park. We're long time nudists and regular visitors there. It was beautiful Florida day, clear blue skies with just a light, warm breeze blowing, perfect for topping up our tans. After the fifteen minute drive we found a nice place close to the water but high enough not to have to move when the tide came fully in.
We set up the umbrellas and loungers, stripped off and settled down for a days sun bathing. It was fairly early, around ten o'clock and the beach was still quiet so I was little surprised when this young guy, he looked to be in his early twenties came down from the walk way and set up about six feet from us. I could tell straight away that he was new the nudist scene as he kept looking across at my wife and his tackle was definitely showing signs of life, something that rarely happens with experienced nudists.
After about an hour, I went down to the sea to cool off and as soon as I was in the water, I saw him pick up his towel up walk across to my wife and start chatting to her. I didn't think anything of it as nudists are a friendly bunch and we've made many friends on the beach, so I just carried on floating about but keeping an eye on them.
Now I think I should tell you a little about us. My wife, Hazel and I are both in our early seventies and we've been married for nine years. For most of that time we've been involved in the swing scene, meeting with single guys and couples on a regular basis so my wife has seen plenty of cocks other than mine. Lately though we've slowed down as far as swinging is concerned owing to old age and ill heath and this was the first strangers cock she'd since we were on the beach six months ago.
When I tired of floating about, I walked back up the beach and sat back down on my lounger. The guy went to stand up but I stopped him. I wouldn't do that if I were you,” I said, nodding at his now almost fully erect cock. He looked down and turned scarlet, then grabbed his towel wrapped it around his waist and headed back to his own lounger muttering that he was sorry. I could see that from where he'd been sitting he'd been looking straight up between my wife's slightly parted legs, which explained the state of his manhood.
After he'd gone I could see that my wife was a little flushed too and her breathing was a bit ragged. “You fancy him don't you?” I said, smiling knowingly at her, I recognised the signs. My wife shook her head. “Well he is very persistent, but he's so young why would he want to have anything to do with an old lady like me?” “That's beside the point,” I laughed, “do you fancy him?” My wife blushed even more but nodded. “Yes,” she said in a voice I could barely hear, “he is good looking and it's a long time since we've had a threesome.” “Okay,” I said, “I'll call him back over and we can invite him back to the rental and see what happens.” Hazel thought for a moment then smiled. “That sounds good,” she said, “it'll be nice to have two cocks to play with again.”
I could see the guy kept looking across at us so when I caught his eye, I gave him a wave and called him over. He walked back to us, this time though he had his towel wrapped around him but I could see is cock was still hard under it. He sat down where he'd been sitting before, with a view of my wife's pussy and let the towel drop open and I heard Hazel gasp, his cock wasn't much bigger than mine lengthwise but it was thicker, much thicker. I could tell my wife was turned on as she looked round then lowered one leg off the lounger, giving him a better of her pussy. We went through the formalities of introducing our selves and found out his name was Barry and he lived locally and when I told where the rental was he said he knew and when I asked if he'd like to pop round that evening for a drink, her accepted without hesitation.
We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting but much to Hazel's disappointment, he had to cover up as the beach got more crowded. At around five, we called it a day and arranged for Barry to call round at about eight. On the drive back to the rental I could tell Hazel was excited about her first threesome in over twelve months and teased her unmercifully, alternating between stroking her leg and rubbing my own hard cock through my shorts. After we got home, we had a light meal then Hazel went and took a shower and changed into a clean sun-dress. I could see she wasn't wearing a bra and, as she walked past me I patted her arse and smiled, she wasn't wearing panties either.
At eight dead on we heard Barry's car pull up outside and I went out onto the yard to greet him. As we walked back to the front porch he stopped. “Mike,” he asked, “don't think I'm being forward, but does Hazel want me to fuck her tonight?” “Well,” I laughed, “she'll be very disappointed if you don't.” A cloud seemed to lift off Barry as we got to the front door. “Wow,” he said, “this'll be the oldest woman I've ever fucked and I'm really looking forward to it.”
I decided it was time to lay down a few ground rules and explained that with Hazel being seventy and his was the biggest cock she'd had for some time, he'd have to be gentle. I also told him that we played by Hazel's rules and if she said stop he had to stop immediately. He smiled and assured me that whatever Hazel wanted he was more then happy to give her and would only go as far as she wanted to.
When we got inside Hazel was sitting on the couch and she smiled when she saw him and I poured out three glasses of wine. I sat on one side of Hazel, indicating for Barry to sit the other side. Normally when we met with single guys it was me that took the lead, but before I'd my glass down he was kissing Hazel passionately and one strap of her sun-dress was down over her shoulder and her tit was almost out. Barry was wearing sorts and I could see the bulge in them as he slid the other strap of her shoulder and pulled the top of the sun dress down, completely uncovering Hazel's tits.
Hazel for her part wasn't wasting time either and her hand was rubbing up a down the bulge in Barry's shorts and they were moaning into each other's mouth. Now was supposed to be a threesome, I unzipped my shorts and pulled my own cock out and guided Hazel's hand onto it. She looked right into my eyes and smiled then wrapped her fingers around it and started to wank me off. Now it was my turn to groan and as I did, Barry looked down and smiled then followed suit and unclipped the top of his shorts and unzipped them. Hazel heard the sound and, without any urging, slid her hand inside, easing them apart as she did I could see that Barry wasn't wearing any underwear so she had direct access to his thick cock and she didn't waste any time making use of it as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and started to wank him off too.

While Hazel was wanking us both off I lowered my head and started to suck one nipple and winked at Barry, who took the hint and repeated the treatment on the vacant one. Hazel loved that, having both nipples sucked on at the same time was a major turn on for her and her hand movements on my cock speeded up and I knew that if I didn't do something quick, I was going to shoot my load. Reluctantly I got up off the couch and knelt down infront of her, slid her dress up and pushed her legs apart. I could see her pussy was already wet and dived straight into it, running my tongue up and down her slit, flicking at her clit and dipping into her hole. Even if Barry didn't, I knew what was coming next and I heard him groan and looked up to see Hazel sliding her lips over his knob. Another thing my sexy wife liked was a nice hard cock in her mouth while her pussy was getting treatment.
I sucked and licked at her pussy for over five minutes, with Barry groaning above me as she worked her lips up and down his cock until suddenly he cried out. “I'm coming. Is it okay?” I knew what he meant, I'd forgotten to tell him that Hazel felt cheated if the cock she was sucking didn't come in her mouth and I looked up at him again and smiled. I saw him relax for a moment then do rigid and push his hips up, then Hazel's throat muscles moving as she swallowed his cumm. His climax seemed to be never ending as he pumped wad after wad into my wife's mouth but eventually, his hips dropped back onto the couch and Hazel lifted her head. I pulled my face off her pussy and smiled up at her and mouthed the word, “bedroom”. She smiled back at me and nodded and I stood up.
“How about we move to the bedroom>” I said, “I think we'll be more comfortable in there.” As Hazel stood up, she pushed the sun-dress down over her hips and led the way, with Barry and I stripping off as we followed her. We were all three naked by the time we got to the bed and Hazel wasted no time in lying down and smiling up at us. “Right,” she laughed who's first?” I looked at Barry and winked at him letting him know he'd won the lucky dip and he climbed onto the bed between Hazel's already spread thighs. I knew where my place was but I wanted to see Barry's thick cock sliding into my wife's pussy first so I sat on the side of the bed and played with her tits as Barry guided his knob between her glistening pink pussy lips. I watched as he worked it up and down her slit, pressing the tip onto her clit whenever it touched it. Hazel was pushing her hips up at him each time his knob passed over her hole but Barry was having his own fun and kept her waiting, waiting till he was ready.
Now as I've said, Hazel was used to threesomes and Barry wasn't the first to tease her this way and she was ready for him and the next chance she got, she pushed her hips up sharply an I saw his knob disappear inside her. Hazel gasped as the Barry slid the first strange cock she'd taken for over a year into her then cried out as he began to fuck it in and out of her. It was time I took my place now and I moved up the bed and knelt beside my wife's head. Hazel smiled at me and took my cock in her hand and moved her lips over my knob, before siding them down the length of my shaft.
Hazel gives the most amazing blow jobs and after just a couple of minutes I could feel my balls tightening as my climax built and I looked down between her thighs at Barry's cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I was waiting for something. Hazel loved it when the two cocks she's taking come at the same time and I was waiting for Barry to come. My wife's pussy is so responsive when she's fully aroused that I knew it wouldn't be a long wait and, sure enough, a minute later I saw his body stiffen and he groaned as he pushed deep into her. I could see his arse cheeks clenching as he shot his second load of the night into my wife's spasming, wet pussy at the same time as I let mine go.
Hazel was going berserk now, swallowing as fast as she could as I pumped my load into her mouth and driving her hips up wildly off the bed, taking as much of Barry's cock into her pussy she was able. God knows how long we kept this up for, I lost all track of time but in the end, I had to call it a day, I was gasping for breath, one of the drawbacks of the ill health problem but Barry went at it like an energizer bunny taking Hazel to at least two more orgasms before eventually, even he had to stop.
Barry and I left Hazel to recover while we went back to the lounge for a drink but after just half an hour he was ready to go again but I was done I'd got nothing left. Then I had an idea. “Do you mind of I take pictures Barry?” I asked. “No problem Mike,” he replied, “as long as I get copies. I'd love some hard memories of tonight, he laughed. I grabbed my camera and followed him back into the bedroom and for the next hour captured images of Hazel taking Barry's cock in every way you can think of.
Barry visited us twice more on that holiday and he certainly re-awakened Hazel's appetite for threesome fun, much to my delight.

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