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 Post subject: A Friend In Need
PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2016 2:19 pm 
I Like To Talk Dirty
I Like To Talk Dirty
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Just a story I wrote fo my wife. I sent it to her with a message asking who she'd like the narrator to be. Still waiting for her answer.

I walked into my local the other night and noticed Mike, a neighbour of mine sitting on his own in the corner of the bar. Now I've always known Mike to be a pretty up beat guy but that night he looked really down in the dumps. After I'd got served I went over to his table asked him if anything was wrong. At first, he seemed loath to tell me but as the evening wore on and we'd had a couple more pints, he finally opened up to me and what he told me took me completely by surprise.
He explained that he'd been diagnosed with emphysema and his sex life had taken a nose dive and he suspected that his wife, Hazel, was missing the great sex they'd always had. I knew Hazel quite well and despite her being in her late sixties, she was still an attractive woman and to tell the truth I'd always been a bit jealous of Mike, him being married to her. As we chatted, I light heartedly suggested that they found someone they both knew and trusted, to join them in bed. I'd had experience of MFM threesomes and deep down I hoped, if they did go for it, that someone would be me. At first Mike seemed a bit shocked at the suggestion but before he left he thanked me and said he'd see what his wife thought of the suggestion, not for a second thinking things were going to go the way they did.
A couple of days later, I was watching TV in my flat when there was a knock at the door and when I opened it, I found Mike standing there. I could see he was excited about something so asked him in. Once we were settled in the lounge, he said that he'd discussed my suggestion with his wife and she'd said that if it was alright with him, she was willing to give it a go. Then he dropped a real bombshell. He said they'd decided on the person they'd like to join them then went on to tell me that if I was willing, they'd like it to be me.
Not wanting to appear too eager, I sat there for a minute, pretending to mull his offer over in my mind then nodded and said I'd be happy to help, as long as they were both sure about it. I thought all my Christmases and birthdays had come at once as he went on to ask if I was free that evening. Of course, I said I was and we arranged for me to go up at seven thirty. For the rest of that afternoon I had a hard on to end all hard ons and seven thirty couldn't come soon enough for me and at seven thirty I was standing in their lounge.
I could see Hazel had really got herself ready for what was going to happen as she was wearing a knee length, red satin robe, that hung open at the front, showing the matching bra and panties she had on under it. I was surprised to see that she was also wearing stockings and suspenders and my cock jerked in my pants. We kicked off with a couple of drinks to loosen us up then Mike suggested we head for the bedroom. A suggestion I wasn't going to argue with.
Once in the bedroom, Mike and I stripped off while Hazel sat on the side of the bed with legs spread. I could see why they'd been having problems, Mike's cock wasn't even half hard and I saw Hazel smile when she saw my rampant erection. I could also see she was really turned on as her panties, where they covered the entrance to her pussy were soaked with her juices. I'm not sure whether they expected me to get down to the nitty gritty there and then but I had my own agenda and intended keeping to it until I was told otherwise.
I love teasing a nice wet pussy while its owner is wearing her panties and from what I could see Hazel's pussy seemed to be begging for a little oral attention. Placing a hand on each thigh, I dropped to my knees between her legs and lowered my face towards the soaking satin. I heard Mike groan and looked across to see him stroking his cock that was definitely harder.
As I got closer to my goal, I could see Hazel's juices soaking into the red satin and when I covered the source with my lips and sucked, I was rewarded with a mouth of them and a loud gasp from above me. “This is fantastic Mike,” she groaned, “you'll have to try it sometime.” I smiled as I raised my head and looked up at her, I was giving her something she'd obviously never had.
As I ran my tongue up and down over her panties, Hazel's groans grew louder and I felt her body stiffen and she pushed her hips up towards me. She was close and when she did come, I didn't want the rush of her juices blocked by her panties, so I eased them to one side and covered her naked pussy with my lips, probing it with my tongue. That was all it took and I felt a wave of her love honey pour into my mouth, just what I'd been waiting for. I swallowed as hard and fast as I could manage, drinking down the sweet nectar that poured from her.
Suddenly she reached down and pushed me away and cried out. “Now,” she gasped, “put it in me now.” I didn't need telling twice and got to my feet and slid my length into her soaking pussy, making her cry out again! “That's it,” she cried as I fucked her with slow, deep thrusts. Her pussy was the most responsive my cock had ever been in and now it was my turn to groan as I felt her inner muscles massaging my cock. After a minute or two of fucking her, she reached up and grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling me deeper into her and I felt her warm, thick juices bathing my cock, which tipped me over the edge and I added my own to hers, pumping wad after wad of my cumm into her spasming pussy.
When we were both finished, I moved from between her legs and lay down beside to get my breath back and saw Mike take my place. I could see his cock was now fully erect and I lay there playing with Hazel's tits until he too came, filling her pussy with the second load in as many minutes.
Before I left that evening I was treated to Hazel's own oral expertise and an invite to join them whenever I had nothing better to do!!! I knew that I wouldn't ever find anything better than fucking my sexy neighbour!!!

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